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For curing neurosis you need to know this. Anyone wanting to cure neurosis in self or others — Read — Think — Apply — then enjoy a better life.

“Two Little Books: Cure at last” Volume 1 is “Cure instead of treatment: Creating a neurosis free world.” Volume 2 is “Common and Uncommon Wisdom: A saga of scientific truths. These little books provide valid information that has brought many people full and lasting freedom from neurosis. It is a relatively rapid, simple, safe self-cure. After thousands of years of varieties of ingenious professional treatments that never cured we can quickly and easily cure ourselves.

My aim is to offer everyone freedom from these common but unnecessary disorders that have hampered and wasted lives over many centuries. In addition to a straightforward methodology for cure, there are helpful descriptions of the substance and the insubstantiality of previous “wisdom” in various schools of psychological thought. When we recognize how those theories, weighted down by faulty premises, vainly lumber along futile paths the reason why all preceding knowledge and methods of treatment fail to cure becomes understandable. By considering knowledge, logic and method in prescientific, early scientific and modern scientific phases of psychology we can understand how previous explanations are ineffectual and also why a new explanation accomplishes the task.

Suggestions are offered for expanding the fifth phase of psychology to create a unified general field of psychology. We can utilize this New Phase knowledge (the only methodology that ever actually enables cure and prevention) by combining it with valid aspects of current schools of thought. Proposals of questions for research needed to move psychology to an effective hard science are offered.

Change your life by applying valid knowledge. Then spread the word to others that actual cure is available for one dollar. Click here to go to the Amazon page for Two Little Books: Cure at last.

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