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The nature of neurosis, its cause, mental process, and cure had remained unsolved puzzles over more than 4,000 years. Throughout those many centuries attempts by millions of therapists to cure those disorders failed. Continuing from work he initiated as a faculty member of University of Illinois Medical School, Dr. Kenneth Isaacs found the solution for full cure of this large group of life wasting disorders that impede lives of an estimated 200 million people across the world. He says,”Four phases of advancing understanding of mental processes in health and illness had brought us the various current, formulations that enable comfort but never free patients from the illness.”

”Dr. Isaacs says, “Fifth phase explanations of some aspects of health and illness convert these painful life wasting illnesses, long believed incurable,into a minor misunderstanding that finally becomes readily curable, even self curable. Of even more importance, these become preventable. Spread of this knowledge, now available free to everyone, will not be stopped. This category of disorders will be swept from the earth. Thousands of people across the world using Isaacs’ web site information have learned and applied this 21st century understanding. They have successfully prevented or cured such illness and freed themselves from drastic limitations caused by ancient misunderstanding. and tell others”

Dr. Isaacs’ “corrections to erroneous common wisdom about emotion; discoveries about the nature of emotion dynamics; recognition of the existence and process of emotion storms; and other mental processes in mental health and illness finally enable full and lasting cure. These with use of more relevant fundamental premises of theory along with use of modern scientific thought and method forecast a beneficial shift to further fifth phase knowledge of psychology within a unified field theory.

He points out that, “Within the major discovery of uses of emotion we learn how feelings are life preserving functions absolutely vital for human adaptation and survival. Ancient misunderstanding that must have predated written language was an erroneous belief that emotion is an unfortunate interfering blight that disrupts thought and judgment. By recognizing the opposite, that feelings invariably are helpful reports about reality of what is going on in and around us, the field of psychology advances and human life experience changes. We gain the advantage of using feelings in the way all other animate creatures do. That properly places each feeling as a vital element on the sensory-perceptual path to conscious awareness by providing the most accurate moment by moment information of current reality that our sensory processes can detect. Instead of feelings being a disruptive blight interfering with our thought, they are required information about our reality. That moment by moment information is necessary for our adaptation and survival”

Isaacs declares, “Reality based uses of emotion in life preserving function supplant our ancient pattern of misunderstanding. Those false beliefs have put people in trouble with themselves by producing unease about having feelings and endangered lives by reducing awareness of reality. . One of the wonderful consequences of leaning the natural uses of emotion unexpectedly included the cure and prevention of a large category of psychological ailments. The estimate is that perhaps two or even three hundred million people across the world suffer panic episodes, phobias, conversion symptoms, reactive depression, fugue states, anorexia, and stress hysteria. These, the general unease with one or another emotion plus several other disturbances, have been dissolved or prevented by a few thousands who have read, understood, and applied information available in the Dr. Isaacs’ web site, books, articles and lectures. “The world can finally be free of many psychological problems without the expenditure of billions of dollars currently spent to merely gain comfort. “

Solving the ancient problem of uses of emotion has implications far beyond these mental health issues and changes the field of psychology and its usefulness. Isaacs points out that, “The various Fourth Phase psychological schools of thought were ingeniously creative conjectural formulations using game theory structure 19th century premises. As such, these were temporarily of importance in systematically bringing increased assurance of safety in mitigating suffering. We now step beyond that Fourth Phase amelioration to Fifth Phase actual cure, prevention, and finally obliteration of these illnesses.”

Dr Isaacs says, “Valid knowledge readily eradicates all such illness. On that path approximately 90% of in-office patients with these diagnoses achieved cure in an average of three or four sessions of tutoring about mental processes. Because it effectively enables cure, this formulation must inevitably become part of the standard description of mental health and neurotic illness. Anyone with an emotion storm neurosis who has been in treatment for more than a month without cure may find rapid benefit in thoughtfully reading and applying the web page manual of guidance. Thousands across the world have left website comments expressing gratitude for this self-help instruction it provided them. Cure is the powerful evidence of validity of the knowledge used. Beyond that, the gift of greatest importance from the Fifth Phase is an improved life experience for everyone.“

He predicts,“Fifth phase general knowledge and scientific methods create the conditions for a transformational leap to a unified field theory of psychology. Continuing with ineffectual formulations of various schools of thought is no longer tenable. Instead, within a unified field theory, reliance will be restricted to verified knowledge from all past schools of thought while their plausible conjectural theories will be considered as potentially useful but needing validation before being relied upon. Reconsidering present reliance on the various antique 19th century premises and hypotheses to seek a singular basic explanation of each set of mental processes in health and illness will then increase possibilities of solving other psychological issues. Beyond the disorders of neurosis we will gain understanding of other aspects of life, including drug addiction,and artificial intelligence.

The necessary curative knowledge of storm disorders is a free gift to everyone at:

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