The strange domain of interminable psychotherapy that never succeeds

Why are there are so many different systems of treatment available in the therapy market place? Each is persuasively touted by proponents as the most valid, the most effective approach to understand and cure neuroses. Each of those schools of thought has a carefully formulated explanation of illness and plan of treatment quite disparate from its competitors. Each school requires lengthy systematic training to assure skillful application of its complex formulation. Each serves to ameliorate or palliate the illness. Despite that plan and preparation, their most skillful therapists do not succeed in curing the illness process.

None of the those current formulations of health, illness, and treatment are able to bring actual full and lasting cure of illness process. Nonetheless, we witness a vigorous competition between those equally unsuccessful treatments. Trapped in the innocent land of unfulfilled magical promises, do we even notice there is little if any public acknowledgement by any of school of thought of its inability to cure neurosis?

How should we view interminable therapy applied by millions of therapists relying on various Fourth Phase systems? How should we consider their rationalizations for treatments that never cure? Surely it is time to dispel myths: Of infallibility of Freud, of perspicacity of Pavlov-Watson-Skinner, and of the ingenuous scientism of Cognitive therapy and Biological psychiatry. All schools made useful contributions that should endure. However, all schools are on a path irrelevant to cure because they are tethered to errors of antique fundamental premises about illness process. How convincing are their rationalizations for failure?

What does this mean? It means that Fourth Phase psychological thought is not sufficiently advanced to produce relevant, valid theoretic formulations of the reality of cause and process of neurosis. Psychology is advancing into Fifth Phase unified field theory enlightenment. With advanced knowledge we understand mental processes of these ancient,“incurable,” life wasting illnesses as simple troubles to cure and prevent. Increasingly, the general public across the world are applying the valid knowledge to self-cure. Increasingly, upon benefiting, they spread the word to others of remediating the simple misunderstanding. Knowledge of reality is sweeping these illnesses from the world. No longer is there a good reason for anyone on earth to have their lives impeded by an emotion storm neurosis. Those are no longer formidable problems.

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