There is no longer any good reason for humans to have neuroses; those common psychological troubles hamper, disable, and destroy the lives of millions. Dr. Isaacs’s discoveries bring us cure instead of endless treatment; and finally, prevention instead of cure.

False information about emotion is the hidden cause of many minor and major troubles in our lives. It causes psychoneuroses—phobia, panic, reactive depression, conversion, multiple personality, stress disorder, and many other illnesses that limit and destroy lives. Correcting those misunderstandings quickly changes your life and enables self-cure of neuroses—many have accomplished that. Despite claims made, no other psychological explanation has produced full and lasting cures of neuroses!

Isaacs shares his lucid, logical, fact-based, comprehension of our observable thought and feeling processes. It is available to you here as a free download e-book.

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  1. Thank you so much for this information. It is well written and very to the point. I am quite sure this will help anyone who reads it. I do appreciate it! Have a wonderful day.

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